Access to Qbio@IIS

From Haneda Airport to KOMABA TODAI MAE station

We have two major routes from Haneda airport to IIS

The Route by Limousine Buss & Inokashira Line

In the arrival lobby of Haneda airport (international terminal T3), we have a bus ticket counter.

Please get the ticket for the following line  (Time table):

The bus will arrive on the upper floor of the Shibuya station of Inokashira line. The gate for the Inokashira line is on the 3rd floor.

Please transfer there to the Inokashira line LOCAL (EXPRESS also departs from the same platform)

Our campus is the 2nd stop: Komaba Todai Mae station.

The Route by only Trains

The following is the recommended way by only train:

This route usually takes less than 1hr and is more punctual than the limousine bus.

FROM Komaba Todai mae to Our Office 

Follow the map below (We have two gates; one on West and the other North(main gate) to get to KOMABA II campus where our office is. 

We suggest the West gate, which is more convenient (but it is locked during the weekend, early morning or late evening).

Our office (Ce501-503) is on the 5th floor of building C of IIS.

FROM Komaba Todai mae to GUEST hOUSE 

The guest house (Komaba Faculty house) is in the KOMABA I campus, which is different from KOMABA II campus where our office is.

When you arrive in the late evening, please consult the gate keeper of the main gate to enter the house.